Zhejiang Liwei Fuel Injection Co. Ltd was founded in 1967, located in Shuige industrial park of Lishui city, Zhejiang province. The company is highly concentrated and focus in diesel fuel injection research and development, manufacturing and technology. As such, it created a specialized production of precise technology the common rail nozzles used in common rail injectors. Being true to their belief, Liwei have now become the leader in China that produce the best quality common rail nozzles. In 2008, Liwei started to go into the manufacturing of high precision common rail nozzles. Using only the world best, first class and world top cutting edge manufacturing and testing equipment to produce the high pressure common rail nozzles. This results in having a consistent, high quality product which is in line with the international standard of original factory parts and components. Liwei have now become the leader of common rail nozzle supplier in China.